Logitech G915 TKL vs Keychron K1 V4: Which is Better Value?

The Logitech G915 TKL and Keychron K1 V4 are both high-end 10-keyless keyboards with a range of impressive features. In this article, I will compare the two and explain my decision to switch from the G915 TKL to the Keychron K1 V4 after using it for some time.

One of the main differences between the two keyboards is their design. The Logitech G915 TKL has a slim, low-profile style and is made of lightweight aluminum, while the Keychron K1 V4 has a slim, sturdy build and a premium aluminum backplate. The G915 TKL is available in white or black, with the white version offering better RGB lighting, while the Keychron K1 V4 is available in white or black with white backlighting and no software, meaning all lighting is controlled by the hardware.

In terms of connectivity, the G915 TKL has a wireless connection, while the Keychron K1 V4 has Bluetooth connectivity and a USB Type-C cable, but no wireless connection. However, the Keychron K1 V4 can connect to multiple devices, including Mac and PC, as well as rumored compatibility with Android and iOS devices.

The G915 TKL has limited keycap customization options and no kickstand for angled typing, while the Keychron K1 V4 has a full-size 104-key layout and comes with keycaps to switch between a Mac and PC setup. The G915 TKL has ABS plastic keycaps that can become shiny over time, while the Keychron K1 V4 has comfortable low-profile switches.

In terms of additional features, the G915 TKL has G keys for programming, while the Keychron K1 V4 has media controls and other integrated features accessed through the function key. The G915 TKL has a wrist rest and USB passthrough, while the Keychron K1 V4 does not.

Overall, both keyboards have their pros and cons, but the Keychron K1 V4 stands out for its slim, sturdy build, comfortable low-profile switches, and the ability to connect to multiple devices. However, it is worth noting that the Keychron K1 V4 is more expensive than the G915 TKL.

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